List of not-so-obvious features and use-cases I discovered using Obsidian.

Graph view

  • Search for book-related notes to see how books/highlights are interconnected
    • Filter: tag:#books OR path:"Resources/Book notes"
  • Pin local graph to the sidebar
    • Command: Open local graph
    • Drag the tab to any sidebar pane. It becomes a linked pane and changes based on the currently focused note
  • Local graph depth setting: the local graph has one more option compared to the regular graph view. Depth=2 shows notes with a distance of 2 from the active note.


  • Bookmarking more than just notes
    • Searches
      • All canvases: file:.canvas
      • Important stuff: tag: #prio
    • Graphs: any preset applied to the graph view


  • Bind Cmd + [ to Navigate back and Cmd + ] to Navigate forward
  • Bind Option + Up to Move line up and Option + Down to Move line down to match VSCode’s hotkeys
  • Obsidian has a weird bug about internal links when moving the linked file around. Even though most links are created [[In/This/Pretty/Format|Format]], some links end up [[Like/this/without/a/label]]. The following regex finds links like the latter: \[\[([^\]\[\n|:#\\]+\/([\w ]+))\]\] and captures (1) the full path, (2) the last segment
    • I’m using VSCode to periodically fix broken links:
      • Open Replace in Files
      • Use the regex above for the search field
      • Enable the regex and whole word matching options
      • Use this for the replace field: [[$1|$2]]


See Dataview playground